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tea shops Anchorage

tea shops Anchorage

Millennials love coffee shops, which is evident in the influencers who make their online presence about the ambiance of coffee shops they enjoy. We can guarantee you will see a photo of someone taking a photo in the space or one of the drinks and snacks. Some of us look forward to exploring a different Anchorage smoothies shop each weekend, for a social meet-up or some work.

People who frequent a locally owned coffee shop in Anchorage Alaska understand they need to balance their habits to a healthy lifestyle. Some do so by replacing coffee with tea, which is generally gentle on the body. Tea shops in Anchorage offer three main kinds of tea, for you to have less of a hassle finding a coffee lover’s guide to Anchorage Alaska that suits your taste buds.

Teas at Sip

Chai latte

Chai is not a recent coffee shop addition because it has a lengthy history in more areas than the western world. Chai is famous on coffee shop menus because it is not too spicy, sweet, or creamy; hence you can take much more before you have enough. Sip can customize the latte with your preferred milk and add-ins, so you enjoy as many different lattes as you want with each visit.

Matcha latte

There is a lot to love about matcha when you see it in smoothies, teas, desserts, and health shots. Matcha makes a buzz among superfood options and boasts a long-standing history in Japanese cuisine. Sip gives you the following reasons to love matcha tea:

  • Antioxidants – Matcha is full of natural antioxidants like catechins, making the skin young and stabilizing UV radiation. Taking a glass of matcha is like absorbing spinach antioxidant levels by up to 60.5 times and dark chocolate by up to seven times.
  • Energy – Matcha boosts energy due to its unique combination of amino acids, nutrients, and caffeine.
  • Weight loss – The tea speeds metabolism and accelerates weight loss by promoting calorie burning by up to 43%.
  • Detoxification – Matcha has a high chlorophyll content, which eliminates toxins and chemicals, making it a powerful detoxifier

Loose tea

The controversial debate between loose leaf tea and tea bags is a favorite never-ending topic for passionate tea lovers. Most people prefer tea bags because they are convenient while sacrificing the flavor and health benefits of loose leaf tea.

Sip is one of the Anchorage coffee shops that make it easy to get loose leaf tea when you visit us or make an order. Our matcha latte is superior because we source all ingredients from the best organic farms and ensure high-quality production.

Is tea more expensive?

There are arguments that tea lovers will always make cost compensations for the improved quality and nutritional potency. You will be pleased to learn that all our tea options cost a dollar or two less than the coffee counterparts.

Tea is what you need if you want to feel less on edge and have peaceful nights. Making the occasional switch to tea when you make an order or visit us is all you need for a happy mood and better body functions. Talk to us now (907-531-3870) for more information on our coffee and tea in Anchorage AK and all other related inquiries.

tea shops Anchorage
tea shops Anchorage
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